How to Choose the right Realtor

angelo on January 21, 2020

Selecting the right realtor can be difficult, especially since there are approximately 55,000 realtors who belong to the Real Estate board in Toronto.

Buying or Selling real estate is one of the biggest transactions you will ever make, so choosing the person that will assist you is very important. Our five steps will help guide you in choosing the right realtor for You!

What to look for:
  1. Availability  – You want an agent who is available . If you have questions and you need something done, they need to be available for you. You want to ensure you will be able to contact them by phone, email and at any time of the day.
  2. Market Expertise They understand the current market trends and can answer your questions with confidence. You also want to make sure they are an expert in the neighbourhoods you are interested in.
  3. Positive Reviews – Online reviews are one of your best assets when it comes to choosing a realtor. Read all of the reviews that you can find before selecting who you’ll work with, and look for an agent whose previous clients have only positive things to say about their experiences.
  4. Communication – This is key, you want someone who will listen to your needs and wants. Can you see yourself speaking to this person on a daily, weekly and possibly a monthly basis? How will they keep you in the loop with changes?
  5. Strategy-Every agent will put your property on MLS, but what else will they do to ensure it sells quickly and for the highest price possible? Find out if they have a good marketing plan in place for you


Buying or selling a home is a major decision. You need to like and truly trust the Realtor that you work with.  When its time to buy or sell keep these five points in mind.